Wedding manicure tips

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The wedding manicure is one of the essential elements of your overall vision, which is the reason why it should not be overlooked. We have decided to provide you with a few tips which will help you take proper care of your nails, so that they can contribute to your impeccable wedding image. The good, stylish manicure is based on a couple of factors: the bride preferences, the leading fashion trends and last, but not least the state of your nails. We will pay particular attention to the top three leading manicure styles – monochrome, French and fiberglass nails.

monochromeStarting with the monochrome nail style, we should point out that this is a very traditional and easy to accomplish solution. If you have decided that this is your choice, we recommend the lighter shades, such as pink, champagne, cream or white. A good choice would be to use some pearl nail polish or if you want to be more provocative, you can also use brighter nuances. We feel, however, that since the day of your wedding is the one you have been waiting for all your life, you should really try something different with your nails and leave the monochrome nail style to the rest of ladies that will participate in the wedding ceremony.


A very smart, popular and always fashionable solution is the French manicure. It is so universal that it goes well with every occasion; the wedding day is not an exception. The only thing that should be taken into consideration is the state of your nails. Keep in mind that you should take proper care of them and apply nourishing procedures long in advance. In case your nails do not have a very healthy look, you can always opt for artificial French manicure.


Our last suggestion would be the fiberglass manicure. The procedure is quite advanced and is based on using silk threads. The nails look simply magnificent, they are quite hard, but do not in any way look thicker. If this is your choice for the wedding manicure, we recommend using the services of a professional. Keep in mind that any artificial manicure requires some time before the weird feeling is over, so make sure you get it done at least a week before the big day.




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