Trendy metallic clothes for spring 2014

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During the holiday season we saw a lot of metallic clothes, accessories and decorations. However, it seems that we’ll be seeing a lot more for the upcoming spring of 2014. Here are a few tips to keep you trendy for the coming season.

It appears the metallic golds, silvers and bronzes will always remain in fashion. However, for the approaching spring of 2014 we will see even more colors added to the metallic trend like metallic blue, green, pink and yellow. So feel free to play around with iridescent fabrics and metallic finishes for each piece of your outfit.

metallic dress

However, be careful not to overdo things and turn your trendy outfits into a fashion disaster. If you want to follow this metallic trend, make sure you keep your outfit balanced. If you want to wear metallic pants, combine them with a top in solid or neutral color and high heels. Also, keep your accessories minimal. If you want to add some metallic accents to your outfit like shoes, belts and bags, make sure your clothes are solid colors and simple textures or prints. Try on different combinations to find the ones that work best for you.

metallic shoes

This metallic trend isn’t just about clothes. Metallic makeup can also create an interesting point of interest to your appearance. You can see metallic makeup on the runways and on the covers of fashion magazines. If you choose to wear metallic makeup, consider whether the occasion is appropriate and again be careful not to overdo things.

metallic makeup

While gold, silver and bronze metallic will always be classic and trendy, for the spring of 2014 you can mix things up and add some more metallic colors to your wardrobe or your makeup bag. The metallic trend will be everywhere, so try on new combinations and prepare for the coming spring.



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