Some Tips about How to Give Yourself Manicure

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If you are a woman, you should know about manicure pedicure. At least I sure that you have been heard about it before. Manicure pedicure is such a hand and foot treatment. These treatment is aims to maintain the hygiene and healthy of hands and feet. Manicure and pedicure usually could be doing in a beauty salon. But, nowadays, you could save your money with have a self manicure pedicure. And for this time, I would show you some tips about how to give yourself manicure. It will great activity to spend leisure time at home.

How to Give Yourself a Homemade Manicure


Some tips about how to give yourself manicure is really simple and easy to follow. First of all prepare all of the manicure stuff. After the manicure stuff is ready, you have to wash your hands, remove the nail polish (if have) with the nail polish remover, then brush the nail area and the palm with the smooth brush like toothbrush. After that, fill the manicure bowl with warm water or milk to soften your cuticle. And then, dry hands with a soft towel. Give moisturizing cream to the entire hand. After that cut you nail until look neat and suits with your shape wish.

How to Give Yourself a French Manicure

How to Give Yourself a Good Manicure

After that, apply cuticle remover on your nails. Push the cuticle with a cuticle pusher. Then, buff your nail and use the nail strengthener before the base coat. It is to protect your nail from the chemical contains of the nail polish or nail art material. Apply nail polish with three topical. Use a top coat that nail polish or nail art you last longer. It is important to be notice that do not all of this before you want to go to sleep. So that is all of some tips about how to give yourself manicure.