Natural looking hair highlights

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Hair highlights can create a beautiful and instant contrast on pretty much any color base. Properly placed, highlights can brighten your skin tone or give you an idea of a new color, without having to dye the whole hair. Adding some highlights to your hair can completely change your look.

hair highlightsThe key with highlights is to make sure they look natural. The most natural-looking hair highlights have irregular size and width and are spaced at uneven intervals. When possible, go to a professional hair stylist, rather than do your own highlights at home. It is also a good idea to bring with you a few photos of the models you like best. Keep in mind that the styles from the photos can’t be completely copied, because everyone has their own unique color base, which will impact the finished color of the highlights.







hair highlightsSelecting the color you want is just one part of the whole process. Keeping the color and preventing it from fading, as you wash your hair, is also a very important part of the good highlighting techniques. With good pre and post-color care, you should be able to keep your highlights as bright as they were when you walked out of the hair salon.







You may also opt for multi-tonal highlights for even more attractive effect. It looks kind of naturally uneven, as if colored by the summer sun. This technique works best if you wear your hair straight, since the texture of the straight hair shows off the highlights better than wavy or curly hair. This is because the lines of the highlights remain unbroken.


Adding highlights is a smart way to enhance the natural radiance of your skin tone and complete your hair style. It adds dynamics and style to your everyday look and allows you to look and feel your best.



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