Myths and facts about your hair during pregnancy

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If you’re pregnant, you’re probably wondering what you can and can’t do and what to do to stay healthy. A lot of these questions may have something to do with the health and appearance of your hair. So, in this article we will tell you about some of the most common myths and facts about your hair during pregnancy.

Some women may notice their hair becomes stronger during pregnancy. The reason for this is the change of the hormonal levels in your body. Some of these hormones can work miracles for your hair.

hair and pregnancy

One of the most common myths is that during pregnancy you shouldn’t use curling irons, flat irons and hair dye. Specialists recommend avoiding these procedures during the first trimester. It is typically safe to do any of these things during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy, but you should consult a specialist first.


Researches show that about 40-50% of women suffer hair loss after giving birth. And this is an extremely stressful experience, especially in this delicate situation. Dermatologists advise women not to worry about that. In most cases it stops after a few months and your hair will grow back.

hair loss

For those of you, who’ve heard the myth that you can predict the gender of your baby according to the structure of your hair, we have some bad news – it is just that – a myth. If you really need to know this information in advance, do an ultrasound. Specialists say that modern ultrasound equipment is safe for your baby.


It is a proven fact that treating your hair chemically after giving birth may increase the sensitivity of your scalp. This sensitivity may become a real dermatological problem. That’s why specialists suggest to opt for a less harsh procedure during pregnancy or soon after giving birth, like highlights or henna.


You should be careful during pregnancy and follow the advice of the specialists. Do not get startled if you hear some frightening myths. Listen to your body – it knows best what you need.



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