All about French Manicure Design

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Have you heard about French manicure designs? It is some kind of nail art designs that happening when I was high schools, about 2000s. This nail trend was really happening at that time, maybe until now. Manicure actually is one kind of treatment for hands, finger, and nails. Manicure and pedicure also begin popular at 2000s. And of course, women are the most being that love these treatments. Manicure is a treatment that could beautify our nail especially, with cleaning it and make some art on it. And it called nail art. There so much nail art designs that crazy by many women, one of them is French manicure design.

French Manicure Designs At Home

French manicure design is one of the simple easy nail art design. If not wrong, the French manicure design is the first nail art design that first known and popular. And after that nail art design, the other nail art design from the easiest until the most difficult appeared. I do not know exactly how this French manicure appeared and why named “French”. Maybe they are from French, or I do not know. But for sure, the first design of French manicure design is so simple and easily. It just white nail polish color applied on the tip of nail, then the top coat covering all of the nails. Just as simple as well.

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Designs For French Manicures

But nowadays, French manicure design has growth. The French manicure design become so variety and colorful. Even though there is always have the same pattern or dominated with two colors. But I think, now, French manicure designs are more beautiful and fun to applied on or nail. There are some examples of French manicure designs these days: French Manicure with Blue Flowers Nail Design, Unique French Manicure in Red, Curved French Manicure, french manicure with glitter pieces, etc.