A few tricks to stretch new shoes

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The change of seasons naturally leads to a change in your shoes. Leather and suede shoes are a splendid choice in the autumn days; the problem is that new shoes and sore feet unfortunately walk hand in hand. This is the reason, why we have come up with a few suggestions, to help you stretch your shoes, so that they feel more comfortable.
Our first suggestion is a bit radical, but will have the necessary effect. Fill in your shoes with newspaper soaked in alcohol or water and place them in the freezer for a few hours. Once done, take out the newspaper and put them on. In a couple of hours you will feel the leather stretching. A similar approach would be to fill your shoes with alcohol and water in equal proportions. Leave them for a few hours, so that the leather can suck up the liquid.



Another solution would be to take a shower with your shoes on. Then put on a pair of socks soaked in liquor or brandy and leave them on for a couple of hours, so that the leather can stretch up. In case there is some unpleasant smell, you can rinse them.
The use of cream is also widely practiced. The cream should be applied on the inside of the shoes, after which you need to put cream on your feet and put the shoes on. Wearing them for a couple of hours should do the trick. A similar approach would be to use liquid paraffin. The shoes should after that dry at room temperature.



Please keep in mind that the above pieces of advice will help you stretch your shoes only in case they are made of natural leather or suede. Artificial materials will hardly be influenced by alcohol, cream or paraffin. In case you decide to opt for the more aggressive water- and spirit-based tricks, make sure your shoes are of the necessary quality, so as not to spoil them.