10 ideas for Halloween costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner. Prepare for apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and of course Halloween costumes and decorations. All Hallows’ Eve is a wonderful festival, celebrated on October 31 every year by the Western Christians. It’s dedicated to celebrating the dead, including the saints, martyrs and all the departed faithful believers. When talking about Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind, are the amazing Halloween costumes. We have prepared a few awesome, scary suggestions for you to try out.

vampire costume A sexy vampire lady. With this amazing outfit you can show everyone how cool it is to be dead, or in this case – UNdead. Put on a cute mini dress, preferably black, a bat wing cape, accessorize with a belt, a choker and fangs. For a more dramatic, dark and sultry effect, you can add a pair of fishnet stockings or tights and high-heeled lace boots.









evil witch costumeAn evil witch costume. If you opt to wear a witch costume, you can choose a dark-colored long dress. We would recommend black, red, green or purple. A must-have accessories are the large pendant or talisman, and the pointy hat with the color of your dress. In case you want to add that seductress look to your costume – wear a pair of fishnet tights and high heels.








evil queen costumeThe evil queen costume. The evil queen is still a queen and must dress like one. Pick a long dress, dark in color to emphasize the evil element. A big, dragon-like collar will also contribute to the general wicked look. A must-have accessory for a queen is the tiara. In this case it is shaped like bat wings.









zombie costumeA scary zombie. To achieve that undead look, you can choose distressed clothing pieces, like a dark-colored tunic and a pair of leggings. Smudged black or red makeup will make things even better… uhm for a zombie look at least.










she-devil costumeThe she-devil. As a rule, the she-devil is dressed entirely in red. Here you can dress in a skin-tight jumpsuit, metallic red-and-black printed corset, a matching pair of gloves, horns, and of course a tail. And if people still can’t tell what you are, get a devil’s trident as an accessory.









snow queen costumeThe snow queen. A simple and yet impressive costume. If you want to be a snow queen for a day, go for a long white dress. To achieve this stunning look, place an emphasis on the accessories – a heavy pearly necklace or choker, a long white wig and a fluffy white scarf.







Greek / Roman goddessGreek / Roman goddess. Why satisfy with being a queen, when you can be a goddess? Pick a knee-length white dress with gold accents, a long white scarf and metallic gold stilettos.










the red riding hoodThe red riding hood. For this dark version of the sweet little girl, who got lost in the woods, you will need a Gothic style dark red dress with ribbon lacing, a red hooded cloak, long black gloves and a pair of high heel boots. Just stay away from wolves.










pirate lady costumePirate lady costume. To create this outfit, you will need a white cotton, layered dress, a brown corset, a short blue jacket and a pair of knee-high boots. Accessorize with a brown pirate hat to match the corset and a cutlass.










dark angelDark angel. Who said that angels should be all white and good? On Halloween they are dark. For this outfit you will need a black dress, any length, material and style will do, and a pair of black wings. You can combine it with fishnet tights and stilettos. Accessories are optional.









Now that we’ve picked the costumes, it’s time to carve the jack-o’-lanterns and go trick-or-treating or visit the haunted attractions at the local park. You can end the evening sharing scary stories with your friends or watching horror movies. Whatever you decide, have a Haunted Halloween.



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