Popular tattoo designs for girls

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Tattoo designs are among the most researched things online. Today, getting a personalized tattoo is the most common way to exhibit individuality. Besides making a fashion statement, each tattoo carries with it its own meaning and message. So what tattoo designs are popular today?

If you believe in the superstar that lives in you, you should get a star tattoo. Stars are symbols of dreams and hopes. All kinds of stars are trendy today – shooting stars, nautical stars, tiny stars, large stars. You can decorate any part of your body with stars – neck, back, sides, arms, legs, feet – everywhere.


One of the coolest trends among girls is getting a tattoo with music notes. If you are a music fan or a member of a band, you can get your own music note to decorate your body permanently. If you are wondering what is the right place for this tattoo design, it’s simply everywhere – arms, neck, back, shoulders, lower back, ankles, fingers, feet. A misic note tattoo can look bald and feminine. You can choose a single music note or e series of many – it all depends on your personal preferences and the creativity of the tattoo artist.

music notes

If you want to get a colored tattoo, you should go for a peacock feather or the entire peacock itself. Peacocks are probably the most beautiful birds in the world. Peacock tattoos are among girls’ favorites, because the colorful combination adds charm to a girl’s persona. Peacock tattoos are usually big, so you should consider egtting them on the back or sides. They are quite popular these days and can easily be found in all tattoo studios.


Lace tattoo designs are also quite popular among women. They often involve other girly symbols like stars, butterflies, misic notes and hearts. Lace tattoos look classy and beautiful, and you can experiment with them. You can get a permanent lace tattoo to replace your necklaces, braceletsand anklets now. Add color and some creative design, and your lace tattoo may even look prettier than the jewelry you wear.


If you want something smaller, but still individual, you can get your initials tattooed. This personalized tattoo shows off your love for yourself. The perfect place for this tattoo design is your wrist or behind your ear. These tattoos can look really elegant and classy.


Flying birds tattoo designs symbolize freedom and peace. They are perfect for girls, who want to show that they were born free and will die free. You can also promote peace and harmony around you with a big bird tattoo. Tattoo designs with flying birds on your neck or upper back are quite popular today.


Tribal tattoos are the oldest tattoo designs. They usually have ancient links and specific meanings. They are quite popular with men, but lots of women also opt for tribal tattoo designs. Tribal tattoos include elements of nature, animals and texts in languages little known to the world. Tribal tattoos are meaningful and stylish, and symbolize strength and mystery.


Angel tattoo designs are also quite popular among girls. They are beautiful, feminine and tender. They are also thought to be protective. A lot of girls claim that angelic tattoos give them luck, positivity and power to carry on. Angel tattoos are favorites not just among teens, but also women of all ages.


Since most women are crazy about flowers, floral tattoos are quite popular as a symbol of beauty abd tenderness. They are among the top choices for women of all ages. When it comes to floral tattoo designs, roses, lotus, tulips and hibiscus are the most popular. They may often be accompanied by sweet quotes or hearts.


Text tattoos are all about personalization and girls love personalized stuff. They can be your favorite quotes, inspiring lines, your motto or even your name. Getting the names of your loved ones tattooed is a great way to show affection towards your family. Text tattoos can be made anywhere you want.


If you want to get a tattoo, we would suggest to think about it first. This is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Don’t pick something just because it’s trendy now, choose something that you really like and want tattooed.



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