How to choose clothes that make our body look amazing?

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It is difficult to condone a woman that makes bad clothing choices. The problem here is not whether the clothes are trendy or not, but whether they are in synergy with her body and emotions. Maybe sometimes you wanted to start wearing clothes one or two sizes smaller clothes. Except diets and exercises for losing weight, there is one more way to start feeling good in your body – you have to accept yourself for whatever you are and without any negative emotions just go and start shopping purposefully and without any worries.

Diferent fashiobeliefThere’s no need to hide parts of your body, it is important to be able to underline others that you feel confident with or just make sure that you look perfect in your current state. A bell-looking dress, a tailor coat or a tunic with wide belt are just a fraction of the possibilities for “shrinking” the waist.


Body dress
The right fabrics
Thick cotton or silk crepe hide body imperfections perfectly. Limit yourself to blouses and dresses made of those fabrics.
The perfect length
You are hesitating between longer and shorter skirt? The most beautiful dresses and skirts have lower hem just a couple of inches above the knee.