Couture Inspiration for Wedding Dresses

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Spring is undoubtedly the wedding season as the weather gets warmer and the most beautiful flowers begin to bloom. Fortunately, the Couture fashion week in Paris, dedicated to the upcoming spring-summer fashion season, ended just in a few weeks ago, giving fresh ideas for wedding dresses. This year, as always, the inspiration comes from fashion houses such as Giambattista Valli and Elie Saab, known for their beautiful, luxurious designs.



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The collection of Elie Saab includes many beautiful, feminine dresses tinted in white, soft pink, ivory and milky lavender – all of them suitable not only for weddings but also for very formal evening events. The opulent dresses of Elie Saab are suitable choice for the ones who prefer simpler of body-hugging wedding dresses. All of the couture gowns, shown at the spring-summer couture show of Elie Saab are made of lace, silk and see-through organza. Moreover, the dresses are decorated with crystals and flowers. Elie Saab’s collection includes also a traditional voluminous wedding dress, made of countless layers of organza and silk.


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The couture show of Giambattista Valli also presented a beautiful range of wedding dresses – all of them up to the floor, made of voluminous layers of silk and lace. Valli’s gowns are tinted entirely in white or soft pink, or are a combination of the two colors. The conclusion that can be made as a result of the latest couture collections is that there is a new fashion trend this spring when it comes to wedding dresses – the wedding gowns for the spring-summer 2013 fashion season are not necessarily white. They also come in a rich pastel palette that includes soft pink, ivory, lavender and even milky blue.

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