Some Tips about How to Take Off Fake Nails

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After a lot of discussion about nail design, some kind to beautify or nail, now, I would show you how to take off fake nails. Because, I sure that some of you must be ever worn fake nails to make your nail look longer and tapering. That is why some women like to add some fake nail like acrylic nail, silk wrap nails, gel nails, etc. Sometimes, fake nails are needed to add some shape and impression of fingernails. But, we also should notice with the health of our nails if we too often use the fake nails. I always think that the natural nail is better that use the fake nails. So this is some tips about how to take off fake nails.

How To Take Fake Nails Off At Home

Like any fake things, fake nails are also has an expired utilization. So, we could just wear them just for a few times. Any fake thing actually is not a good choice. But, provide that you are not use them for many times and for last longer, I think it is still okay. So, for you who now want to take off your fake nails, you could follow these tips below how to take off fake nails by our self, without go to the beauty salon.

How To Take Off Fake Nails At Home Without Pain

Acrylic Application

Actually, you could take off your fake nails by your own. But going to the salon and taking care by professional is always the best ways. But if you still want to do that by yourself, you follow these tips. First of all, cut your nails as long as you could. Then, file of any topcoat or gel so that the acetone could works better. After that lay the soaked cotton for your each nails. Attach some scotch tape or foil around your nails to keep the cotton. After a few times, take of the scotch tape or foil slowly. And then, take off the fake nails carefully with orangewood stick. Rub the residue with nails buffer. And finally  put some lotion to your nails to give some nutrition to your nails after contaminated with chemicals.