What’s new from Dior for 2014?

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With the weather still chilly outside, we can’t wait to see the first signs of spring. And what better way to visualize spring than looking at the fashion trends for spring / summer 2014. In this post, we will show you some suggestions from Dior for 2014.

The spring 2014 collection from Dior embraces the floral theme with prints and abstract shapes. Artistic director Raf Simons says he wanted a sense of a particular group of women, a distinct new tribe, sophisticated and savage at the same time. Emblem decorations adorn the iconic Dior ‘Bar’ jacket. The backs of jackets expose slices of flesh, revealing running vests jet sequins. Skirts and shorts feature fine floral print pleats. The collection also features catchy slogans, interesting combinations and different textures.


All the outfits from Dior spring / summer 2014 collection have a very clear message that there are no limits for a woman. There are a number of dresses in various styles from an off-shoulder pleaded frock to a colorful striped one with oversized bottom. There is also a gorgeous line of evening jacquard dresses. They all look pretty much the same, with slight variations in styling and colors. The best thing is that any woman can find the one that fits her taste the most.

Dior collection

Dior shoes and handbags show that florals never die, even when the cold season is still around. The colorful and powerful Dior shoes and handbags from the new spring / summer 2014 collection is the best proof for this. The most popular fashion trends for the season are mixed with the traditional Dior vibes and the result is stunning and never-to-be-forgotten.

Dior shoes and handbags

Dior spring / summer 2014 collection reveals new styles and impeccable outfits. The artistic director Raf Simons clearly creative and came up with a really diverse collection. Any woman will be able to choose a clothing piece of her dreams.



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