Warm winter clothing for kids

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Kids’ winter clothing has to do more than just keep your child’s body warm and dry. Kids are very mobile and they shouldn’t feel restricted while running around the playground. We will give you some specific tips to keep in mind when shopping for winter clothing for your kids.

Your child has a very sensitive skin, so opt for all-cotton shirts for the layers underneath the outwear. Stay away from too bulky sweaters, since they can make the kids feel too hot and additionally keep them from moving around easily. Also, make sure that the socks aren’t too thick, because then the snow boots won’t fit comfortably.

kids' winter clothing

The outwear must be wind and water resistant. Nylon material is ideal for the outer shell. For the inside lining, a warm and soft material, like polar, would be perfect. The cuffs around the wrists and the ankles must fit tightly to keep cold and water from creeping in. For this purpose Velcro tabs are great, because they let you adjust the fit, so that it is neither too tight, nor too loose.

winter clothing for kids

For younger kids, it is better to choose mittens, instead of gloves. Mittens are easier to slip on and keep the little hands warmer, because they keep the fingers closer together. As with the jacket or the snowsuit, mittens should too have a soft and warm inner lining, and water-resistant outer shell. Choose a pair of mittens with a string attached to them, so that you can put it through the sleeves of the jacket. The Velcro cuffs will additionally keep the mittens in place. The hat is another vital item, even if the jacket or the snowsuit has a hood attached. Hats with ear flaps are best for kids. Buy one that fastens under the chin.

Keep your kids warm and cozy during the winter season with the right clothing. Choose brighter colors, since they are more fun and watch your kids play around, feeling comfortable.



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