Tips for long-lasting makeup

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How to make it last through the day?

We at know that every woman dreams about makeup that looks like it was just put on. If you want to make it last through the day use these simple tips.


1. Face cream
It is important that makeup is put on perfectly clean skin. You can use cleansing gel and tonic. Hydration is also an important part. Even if your skin is oily, hydration is still an important step. You can use mat cream in order to cope with shining. Let it suck up for a couple of minutes.


2. Foundation and powder
After the cream is dry put a base for makeup that is appropriate to your skin color. Avoid oily foundations because they last shorter on your skin. It is important to put it on with a sponge in order to get a smooth layer. Wait a little and put on the powder to protect the makeup.

3. Eyes
Start with a makeup base – it will protect your makeup longer. Choose mat eye-shadows. If you are hesitating between eye-lining and a liner, choose the eye-lining – it lasts 4 times more than the liner. Finish with water-resistant spiral but don’t put too many layers.


4. Rouge
After you evened out your tan and you hid all the imperfections it is high time you underlined your cheek-bones. Choose a powder-like rouge because it can be applied more easily. Liquid rouge could become smeared especially during the hot summer days.