The Restricted Corset Victorian Dresses

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Are you ever seen some movies in Victorian era? Such as Sherlock Holmes, Hysteria, Women in Black, Pride and Prejudice, etc. And if you ever seen those movie, you would now what does Victorian dresses looks like. Victorian dresses are identical with a big balloon dress that swell in the bottom, restricted, heavy and complicated. The dresses are features the slim waist and the breast of women at that era. Women are forced to wear corset Victorian dresses in order to they have a slim waist and the dress look great, suitable and fit or their body. I could not imagine how tortured we are if live in that era.

Victorian Corsets

Corset Victorian Dresses are corset that useful for make the waist restricted and look slim and raise and push the breast up to look more plump. We could see it in some Victorian women photos or some Victorian era movies. And they have some layers before wearing the dress. Maybe it used for make women feel warm even though the weather is really cold. Victorian dresses also identical wit many laces and balloon design that supported by wire to make the balloon shape look great and perfect. Can you imagine how heavy is that.

Victorian Corset Tops

Victorian Corset Wedding Dresses

I also imagine how difficult they move or even riding bicycle. Corset Victorian dresses are such an important part in the Victorian dresses that could make the Victorian women has the perfect waist and beautiful body shape. Maybe mostly Victorian women era have no belly like these days. I sure that their waist are all slim. And I sure that sleep night is the activity that they are waiting for the whole day, so that they could take the dress off and feel relieved. We must try to wear it sometimes to know how hard the Victorian women era live.