The perfect handbag

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Now, in order for any handbag to be classified as being perfect, a good set of criteria should be covered: the handbag should fit into your overall expression, it should match figure and dress habits, but most importantly – well, it should just be of the right size so that you can carry everything that you need to have handy.



The closer 2014 is, the bigger the abundance of handbags on the market is. And this is just as true for any other fashion accessories – clothes, shoes, etc. With regards to the material that they are made of, the all-times record holder is definitely the genuine leather handbag. However, we should simply not underestimate the artificial leather or the lacquer handbags either. The denim ones would also do the job, so those should not be ruled out. One thing worth pointing out is – this season’s hot favorite is the straw handbag!



A few bits of fashion insight :

Number one – regardless of the handbag size, you should always carry a comfortable bag; in order to avoid shoulder and bag paints, always make sure your handbag is not far too heavy (this is definitely easier said than done!).

Number two – whatever you do, make sure you do not place your handbag on the floor. Your risk scratching it or it may wear out too quickly. Even if your handbag is of the highest quality and this is not likely to happen, placing it on the floor might bring upon you internal poverty as the general proverb says!

Number three – your body size and dress habits should be taken into consideration at all cost. If you are not exactly as tall as a supermodel make sure you avoid big, long handbags. The nasty effect might be that you look as if the bag is too big for you and is dragging you down.

Number four – if you are on the lookout for a night handbag, do not go over your head with your spending budget! It is simply a bad investment – the smarter pick would be a small purse-like bag that has just enough space for your keys, lipstick and your money!

Number five – Shoes and bags with matching colors?! Not any more – colors can differ as long as they are in unison with your overall conception!