The Cool Hip Hop Dance Outfit

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Some people consider that hip hop is a one kind of music genre. Some other people also think that hip hop is a kind of lifestyle or the way of people to express their opinion. Hip hop is identical with their special outfit and style. Maybe I could say that hip hop taste and culture is almost similar wit rap. But actually, hip hop is more leads to the music and dance. Some Hip hop people called the hip hop dance usually with break dance. And there are some special hip hop dance outfits that could be worn for break dance like: baseball cap, sneakers, athletic pants, t-shirt, tank top, and some accessories.

Hip Hop Dance Outfit Ideas

I always love to look at some people do hip hop dance. When I was high school, Hip hop is very popular and happening. Almost the popular student, dominated with boys learning break dance. They look so cool and awesome with the dance and the style. I always love the dance and the hip hop dance outfit. It makes me just want to join them and dance. But it is not that simple. We have to learn it first and have some routine practice.

Hip Hop Dance Fashion

Hip Hop Dance Shorts

Hip hop dance outfit actually not just must cool, but also comfort to be worn. It’s because, hip hop dance make the many kinds of move, and sometime extreme, hard, and dangerous moves. So, the dancer must wear the outfits that could make them comfort during dance and not even disturbing them. Women and men are have the same main pattern about the outfits: athlete pants, sneakers, t-shirt, and cap. Just that simple. But you could make it cool with mixed them with any kind of outfits that might be perfect, matched, and cool. So are you ready to down to the dance floor?