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Before we talk about Hermes belt buckle, I want to tell you about this popular brand fashion. Beginning in 1837 when Thierry Hermes opened its outlets in the Grands Boulevards of Paris with the label Hermes, Hermes family originated from Germany who settled in Paris, France. hermes won awards from the government in 1855 for winning the exposition universelle in paris. And also in 1867 Branded Hermes again won gold medals in the contest. From here the history of Hermes started to move his holdings to posterity. But after Emile-Maurice died, in 1978 the leadership was taken over by Robert Dumas-Hermes are not the descendants of the original family of hermes but only had one marriage with hermes family. Until now Hermes still be branded a rage and went public in 1993 Paris.

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You must be ever heard about Hermes, the one of the famous brand fashion in the world. There are Hermes bag, Hermes wallet, Hermes belt, many kind of fashion product produced by Hermes. One of the famous product of Hermes is Hermes belt buckle. These products are almost worn by high class celebrities like soccer player Christiano Ronaldo, Drake, Tyga, and many women and men celebrities.

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The simple design of Hermes always makes the fans being infatuated with this brand. If we wear this brand fashion, sometimes, our social status will be lifted. That is why, people not just looking for the style, design, or the model, but also the other features of theirs brand product. This day, not just Hermes belt buckle that could make people infatuated, but also the Birkin Bag from Hermes. We could see that most women who have high status in sociality wear this Birkin bag. Some women collect them and make them become and investment. I do not know exactly the special side of this bag, besides the extreme expensive price and the brand.