Nothing irreplaceable Foundation (cosmetics)

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Beautiful skin is a sign of youth, good health, good care, nice genes or a combination of all. But if you don’t fit into these conditions, then your solution is called “foundation” (cosmetics).

Every skin has its peculiarity – being either oily, mature, young or too dry, and has a corresponding way of treatment. You have to learn how to choose your foundation according to your skin type! This is the only way it will look natural on your skin. It is really good if your foundation is indistinguishable and you can’t feel it on your face. If it’s the other way around, then you haven’t chosen the right type.

The modern products smooth the skin, even out its tan and take care of it almost as a cream. Accordingly, your choice has to be like choosing a cream – your foundation should be corresponding to your skin type and age. If your skin is dry we recommend liquid foundation with moisturizing properties. Mature skin needs something more special that will fill up and even reduce the wrinkles while in the same time doesn’t accumulate around the mouth and the nose. These foundation types are usually lightening without matte powdery finish