Nail art designs with gold and silver glitter

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The perfect manicure includes proper care for your hands and nails, and some beautiful nail art designs. With so many ideas online or in magazines, it may be hard to decide what nail art design to choose for a particular occasion. In this post, we will give you a few ideas for nail art with gold and silver glitter.

nail art

This nail art design is really simple, so you can easily do it yourself at home. Start by applying a base coat to your nails. Next, take a metallic gold nail polish and apply it to the tips of your nails, painting rough French tips. Wait a little for the tips to dry. Then, take a silver glitter and use it to disguise the line of the metallic gold nail polish. The next thing to do is take some nail polish with larger glitter pieces and apply over the fine glitter. After that, take some fine gold glitter and apply that over the previous layer. Wait for that last layer to dry and apply a top coat to seal the nail art design.

silver glitter

To get this amazing silver glitter nail art, start by applying a clear base coat to your nails and wait for it to dry. Then, take some light gray polish and apply it too. Next, immediately pour on the silver glitter, before the nail polish dries. Make sure you get it all over your nails. When you’re done, gently press it with your finger and let it dry. For this nail art design, you can get any shape and size of silver glitter your like. After it dries, apply a top coat to seal the glitter, so it will last longer.

gold glitter

For this nail art design, start by applying clear base coat to your nails. Then, take a bottle of nail polish with fine gold glitter. Apply it and let the layer dry. If you use nail polish with super fine gold glitter, you might need to apply a second coat. After the second coat is dry, take a clear nail polish with large gold glitter with any shape you like – starts, hexagons, hearts and so on. Apply that and let the layer dry. Finish with a top coat.

There are many other ideas for nail art with silver and gold glitter. You can use your imagination and create your own designs. With some practice and patience, you will become an expert in no time.



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