Lolita: Victorian Women Clothing from Japan

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Lolita is a Victorian style in Japan that shows lifestyle with dressed like a doll. Lolita Victorian dress divided into two kinds characteristic, there are: classic Lolita and gothic Lolita. There is even a brand for those models of Lolita Victorian Dress that is Victorian Maiden. Victorian Maiden is an online shop special for Lolita Victorian dress product. But if you want to see, choose, and buy the dress that you like directly, you can found the Lolita store in Akihabara. Akihabara is a shopping area that nearby Akihabara station, Tokyo, Japan.

Victorian Women Clothing Guide

This Japan Victorian women dress after all is as similar as the generally Victorian women clothing in England. Only, for some case the size is smaller and shorter than the genuine Victorian dresses. Lolita also has many laces in the dress and almost like a doll dress. Once again the type of Lolita Victorian dresses is modern Lolita Victorian dress. This kind of dress is more colorful and full of motif than the other types of Lolita. Mostly the motif is really cheerful like flower motif, doll, and any cute motif of teenager.

Victorian Plus Size Clothing

Victorian Era Clothing Women

The pattern or the thread to wear this kind of dress also cannot random. Before use the main dress, wearer use an inner dress, then wear the backing wire that coil the dress, last wear some bloomer. Actually that is really complicated for women. That is why Victorian women clothing is not familiar to used in this time. Moreover now, everything include clothing is more simple and efficient to used. In Japan, Lolita Victorian dress often wore at the special event like cosplay, parade, carnival, or some several community or fashion lovers. Almost rare to wear Lolita in wedding party, dance party, or some events like that.




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