Lingerie trends for 2014

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When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, there are countless dress designs available to you. It is pretty much the same for when you choose lingerie. See what the trends are for 2014 and choose lingerie that will make you feel like a queen.

Lingerie design trends for 2014 remind us of the boudoirs of expensive courtesans and the atmosphere of Moulin Rouge, where all the power is in the hands of the elegant and cunning seductress. Even the most innocent looking models in white will make you think of a graceful vamp, rather than a more modest personage.

Among the trendy lingerie for 2014 you can see a variety of bra models – any style with a firm or soft cup is in fashion. Many designers have also included bustier in their lingerie collections.

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For 2014, body shirts with or without straps will continue to be trendy. Besides the tight fitting models, there are also body shirts with free silhouettes, made of satin and translucent fabrics. All these are in the new lingerie designer collections for 2014.

Talking about lingerie, petticoats, combi dresses and grace still remain relevant. Quite popular are combi dresses, made of lace. Grace with rubber bands for stockings is also among the lingerie fashion trends for 2014.


Corsets and garter belts, as classical elements of seduction, can also be seen in almost every designer’s lingerie collection for the new season.

High closed pants are also a good choice for your collection of fashion lingerie. You can choose hip and waist heights, as well as corrective and translucent lace inserts.

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In the new lingerie designer collections you will also see panties with garters for stockings. These are quite relevant for any style. Among the trendiest models are panties with a skirt and fully transparent models, which are to be worn in combination with strings.

The most popular material for lingerie for 2014 is lace. It is used in its pure form or as a semi-transparent top layer for many models.

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Besides the classic black and white colors for lingerie, saturated colors, including bright candy colors, are trendy for 2014. You can also choose contrasting combinations of two or more colors.

Find the right lingerie models that compliment your body in a way that nothing else is able to.



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