How to Remove Fake Nails to have Healthy Nails

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Beautify nails is a mostly women favorite activities. That is why women are loves to go to some beauty salon or nail art salon to get a cool nail designs. Some of them usually also feel not satisfied with their natural nails. Most of them then use some fake nails like acrylic nails, gel nails, or some kind like that make their nails look longer, thicker, or  beautiful. But sometimes, the usage of fake nail could make our nails be damaged because of the chemical effect. Fake nails is always contains chemicals that could make our nail is not health. So you should know about how to remove fake nails to get healthy nails.

How To Remove Fake Nails At Home

This time, I would show you some tips about how to remove fake nails with a safe ways and keep your nails in a good conditions. So, check this out. First of all, prepare the fake nails remover like nail clippers, wash basin, cotton, tape, moisturizer, foil, acetone, orangewood stick, etc. After you prepare the stuffs, then you could begin to cut your nail as far as you can. Then file of any top coat or any gel, in order to the acetone could work better. Soak some cotton balls with acetone and lay them on each your finger nails.

How To Remove Fake Nails Quickly

How To Remove Fake Nails Gel

After that, wrap your nails with that soaked  with foil to keep your cotton in place. After for several time, gently remove the foil and the soaked cotton. Then, use the orangewood stick to scrap you fake nail off. Remove the residue with the file nail or nail buffer. Apply some lotion or moisturizer to make your nail to restore the moisture. Because, the chemicals have made your nails dry. So, that is all of some tips about how to remove fake nails.