How to choose men’s bathrobes

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Men’s bathrobes are portions of the male wardrobe that are often overlooked. Bathrobes are typically worn after having a shower or bath, but they can also be used for other purposes as well. Some of these purposes are for spa sessions, swimming pool, at the beach, intimate moments with that special someone or even for private evening dinners. Men’s bathrobes have also become a part of fashion in a way, because they now come in different designs, colors, and materials.


Men’s bathrobes are offered at affordable prices, and you can get buy them as gifts for either a birthday, father’s day or just to show some appreciation. The basic things you need to know before buying a man’s bathrobe are:

a)      The right size – Make sure you know the right size to pick when shopping for men’s bathrobes, because there is certainly no point buying a bathrobe that is too big or too small for the user. If you are not particularly sure about the size of the man you are shopping for, check out the size of his suit coat or pull-over shirt – that ought to give you an idea.

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b)      The right material – When buying a bathrobe for a man, it is also important that you choose the right material that will go well with the climate of the area the person is living in. Light men’s bathrobes include silk, which is worn for warmer climates. Heavier bathrobes for men are flannel and fleece.

c)       Quality robes at affordable prices – With the present global economic crisis, it is wise to shop at stores where you can get quality men’s bathrobes at affordable prices.

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 When you are buying a bathrobe, you want to get the most comfortable one available. Bathrobes are used a lot in spas. Waffle bathrobes are often used in spas because they’re economical, comfortable and durable. The textured waffle fabric, called so because of raised diamond or square shapes, is attractive and soft, make of either cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Waffle robes are lightweight and great for wearing around the house before you get dressed in the morning.

Velour, a warm blend of cotton and polyester, is often chosen by those who like the look and sensuous feel of velvet. These bathrobes are great for lounging, very attractive and probably a good choice if you want something to keep you warm on a cold night. Microfiber bathrobes are lightweight, travel well and are water resistant. Purely for comfort and warmth, microfiber robes are becoming increasingly popular. You can crush them in a suitcase for days and they’ll shake out looking like new. They are perfect men’s bathrobes.

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There are several bathrobe styles you can choose from. A kimono type bathrobe is great for cool weather with its low neck and loose sleeves but if you have a temperature sensitive neck you’ll want a high collar. Many robes are zippered with mandarin collars to keep the neck warm. These are great lounging robes. The most popular collar is the shawl type, a traditional style whose collar can be turned up for warmth. A hooded bathrobe is great for the bathroom and some even come with removable hoods.

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Men’s bathrobes can be found in three basic lengths from mini to floor length. The various sizes have their own personal advantages. The medium length is good for the tub and shower, the mini is great for after-pool use while the floor length bathrobe is perfect for lounging or keeping warm around the house, especially in the winter.



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