Hairstyle collections spring-summer 2013

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Beauty is limitless. It is individual and difficult to define. The collection presented by the international artistic team of La Biosthetique is full of the wonderful colors of Mystic Garden. The best stylists, colorists and make-up artists presented their models in harmony with nature. Fashion responds to nature! The smooth transformations of different plants and blossoms as well as the bright colors are an inspiration for the magical female visions expressed with a lot of passion. Enjoy!


The artistic team of Mystic Garden
Mystic Garden were led by the smooth transforming forms the same way they exist in nature. The result is four great hairstyles that are in full harmony with the flowers and the magical gardens. The tender textures as well as the smooth transitions in the upper part of the head perfectly resemble the spirit of nature in 2013. As far as styling is concerned – it varies freshly with a feeling of French coolness.

Hairstyle-collections-spring-summerCyrill Zenhäusern – Creative Make-up & Hair Director: “Beauty is like nature itself. Make-up is in the spotlights this season with its influence without intrusion. For the present collection, Mother Nature gave us a universal palette with the help of which we created the different styles. The garden colors are the accent for provocatively full lips in “Paradise Pink, and the fruits of the forbidden tree inspire for the nails “Fuchsia”. Liners in Indigo seduce as wine with blackberries and is in uniformity with the color of lips. Pink helps for change during the summer for arms and body. The soft color accents on eyes make a seductive sunny appearance. Get some tan in summer mood!”