Gucci Small Wallet for Women

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Wallet is useful things for both women and men. Wallet could save our money, our important card, bill, photos, and some kind of that. Wallet nowadays also has a varied size and models that sometimes possibly the wearer to keep the bigger things like keys, hand phone, or even cosmetics. For several people, wallet not just used for keeping money or card, but also to determines their social class. That is why, they need the branded wallet like Gucci small wallet. This wallet is kind of fancy wallet that besides could keep our money, also could be a lifestyle and a sign for a certain social class.

Gucci Small Wallet

As we know, Gucci is a Italian famous fashion brand that produce some leather goods. Part of the Gucci groups which is owned by French company. Yes, Paris is a city of fashion. Gucci always produce the best quality leather goods like bag, wallet, belt, watch, etc. Gucci small wallet is just one kind of Gucci product that often worn by high class people. Gucci small wallet also have two kinds that are, Gucci wallet for women and Gucci wallet for men. Gucci wallet for women, of course, look more feminine, and lot of accent and ornaments. While the wallet for men look masculine, simpler and plain.

Gucci Small Bi-Fold Wallet

Small Gucci Men's Wallet

Some Gucci small wallet for women also more varied than for men. Some of them even bigger and more colorful, with accent of green and red color. These are some examples of Gucci small wallet for women: Gucci Small Bi Fold Wallet, gold interlocking G detail, Gucci GG Canvas ‘Abbey’ Small, Gucci Beige/Gold Original GG Fabric Small Wallet, Beige Flap French Small Wallet with Bow width, Cheap Gucci Stylish Continental Wallet 112715 Beige, Gucci Bamboo Tassel French Flap Wallet, Gucci Blue Denim GG with Brown Wild Boar Leather Wallet in Small, etc.