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We already saw some of the spring outfit suggestions in Gucci’s fashion collection in New York Fashion week. However, you’re probably curious about the newest additions to the world of shoes. In this post, we will show you what’s new and noteworthy from the Gucci shoes for men.


These low-top Gucci shoes are made from leather with floral prints. The base color is military green. The shoes have rubber soles and silver Gucci crest embossing at the back. If you like these Gucci shoes for men, you can order them online, at the Gucci website. With these shoes, you need to be careful with your choice of outfit. Balance the look with neutral bottoms. These Gucci shoes are a great choice if you’re willing to embrace the men’s floral fashion, but floral shirts and pants with floral prints are too much for you. Wear these Gucci shoes with attitude, confidence and a smile.

Gucci shoes

Another example of men’s floral fashion are these Gucci shoes. These are evening moccasins, which feature taupe floral print and jacquard with taupe leather trim. The shoes have leather soles and Gucci signature engravings at the heels. Again, if you choose these Gucci shoes, you should be careful with the choice of outfits. With the still popular skull prints, it’s nice to see this fresh, floral addition to the fashion collections.

Gucci men's shoes

If you’re not a fan of this floral tendency in men’s fashion, you can check out these Gucci shoes. They are made from black leather and have a simple design. These Gucci shoes feature rubber soles and Gucci crest detail, embossed at the back. These shoes are perfect for men, who want to walk with class and style in a pair of designer shoes. You can safely combine them with almost any outfit in your wardrobe, even the floral shirts and pants, if you must.

These are just a few of the new additions to the Gucci online store. You can browse for other models to see if anything will match your spring wardrobe.



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