Dreams Come True with Breaking Down Wedding Dress

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Breaking Down movie is an extension of twilight movie. The romantic movie about a vampire and a girl who love each other. This movie is full of romantic and action scene. And this kind of movie become a favorite movie for mostly teenager in the world. You never seen this movie before, you should try to watch it.  This movie is also played by a couple of lover: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. Maybe there is not difficult to play being also a couple in that movie, because already a couple. If you ever seen this movie, you might know how beautiful the breaking down wedding dress that worn by Bella Swan.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Wedding Day Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan, who finally married with Edward Cullen worn a beautiful wedding dress. Breaking down wedding dress is kind of wedding dress that a unique design. It has a long sleeves with mermaid model in the bottom, and then in the back side there is a transparent back. It makes the back’s bride can be displayed and look beautiful. There is also a bride’s hood decorating the Bella Swan’s head. Then, Edward Cullen worn a black wedding suits. Actually they two are look great in the movie.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Look Alike

Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress Edition

Despite Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not married yet, but at least, they had been look great as a married couple in Breaking Down movie. Kristen Stewart as a Bella Swan also always looks beautiful in that movie. As we know, Kristen Stewart is beautiful already, so, no wonder if she looks always pretty in her movie. And if you want to have same great as Breaking Down wedding, you have to try to wear Breaking Down Wedding Dress in your wedding party. With wearing a Breaking Down wedding dress, you can make your Breaking Down’s wedding dreaming comes true.