Climate changes bring in new handbag tendencies

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Have you ever wondered what the best cure to fight off the depressing feelings that accompany the end of the summer is? Chilly mornings and evenings, fewer hours of sunshine, a few dropping leaves – yes, the most beloved season is about to come to an end and open the door for those gloomy, grey autumn sensations which seem to be swirling in the air. Hey, I got a bit carried away – the post is meant to introduce to you the perfect medicine, which never fails to prevail over the seasonal depression – it is shopping time! And today’s focus point will be placed on handbags!



I would like to briefly touch on a few of the handbag characteristics. One cannot but admit that the market seems to be overloaded! I am under the impression that accessory shop owners have been piling the new models all summer waiting for the autumn to approach. The diversity is beyond imagination, so no more excuses – there is a handbag for every female, no matter how unique her personality is. Just take a look at some of the leading handbag designers and brands – the shapes can astonish even the most pernickety fashion guru!

Another interesting trend would be the animal prints – they are definitely building on popularity, so do not act surprised next time you see a lady with a crocodile image on her handbag! Or a leopard, a snake…..pretty much every representative of the animal kingdom has its place!





The post would definitely be incomplete if I fail to comment briefly on the bag material that is used. The ages when manufacturers would choose only between a few materials are long gone. The choice is again so big – it nearly matches the vast choice of shapes and prints! There is a solution for every taste – wool, textile, nubuck, suede, leather, wool, velvet! And some designers take things further by introducing wood and plastic!