Christmas nail art ideas

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Christmas is just around the corner. We’ve already discussed various ideas about Christmas clothing and accessories. In this article we would like to give you some ideas for easy DIY Christmas nail art.

For these Christmas candy cane nails, you will need white nail polish, red nail polish, clear duct tape (or whatever other type you have) and top coat. Paint your nails white and let the nail polish dry. Cut some thin strips of the duct tape and stick the on your nails diagonally. You will need three thin duct tape strips for each nail. Apply a coat of red nail polish. You may use one with glitter for a more interesting effect. Once the red nail polish dries, remove the duct tape strips and apply the top coat. This will protect the pattern you just created and you will have your Christmas manicure for longer.

candy cane nail art

For the next Christmas nail art design, you will need clear nail polish, white nail polish, duct tape and some Christmas nail stickers. Start by applying a coat of the clear nail polish. When it dries, cut thin strips of the duct tape and stick them to your nails, so that you can paint just the tips with the white nail polish. Once the white nail polish is dry, you can have some fun with the Christmas nail stickers. You can use snowflakes, tiny snowmen, Santa, deers, gifts boxes or whatever you like. We would suggest to use different designs of snowflakes and one or two other decorations. Do not put too many decorations, or you risk to turn your Christmas nail art into a disaster. Once the stickers are in place, apply another coat of the clear nail polish or use a top coat to keep the stickers fro peeling off.

Christmas nail art

The next Christmas nail art design is really simple, but looks amazing. You will need a clear nail polish, red nail polish with glitter and top coat. Apply the clear nail polish to your nails and allow it some time to dry. Next, apply some of the red nail polish to the tips of your nails. The good thing is that you don’t have to be precise with it. Once it’s dry, apply the top coat and you can show off your Christmas nail art.

Christmas nails

This nail art design is very similar to the previous one. What you are going to need is white nail polish, clear nail polish with red and green glitter and top coat. If you can’t find clear nail polish with red and green glitter, you can take two bottels – one with red glitter and another one with green glitter. Apply the white nail polish and let it dry. Then, apply some of the glittery clear nail polish close to the base of your nails. Just like with the previous design, you don’t have to be very precise. Apply a drop of it and drag the brush towards the tips of your nails. When it dries, apply the top coat to seal the nail art design.

Christmas manicure

The last Christmas nail art design we would like to show you looks really stylish and elegant. To create it, you will need base coat, red nail polish, some snowflake nail stickers and top coat. Start by applying the base coat. It is a good idea to use base coat every time you apply colorful nail polish to your nails. When the base coat is dry, apply the red nail polish. Then choose two or three snowflakes with different designs for each nail, depending on the size of the snowflakes. After you place the snowflakes, seal them with the top coat to keep them from peeling off. You may even need to apply a second coat, if you want to preserve your Christmas nails for longer.

red Christmas nail art

There are lots of other Christmas nail art ideas you can see online. If you want something more intricate, it would be better to visit a nail salon. Christmas nail art designs will be a great accessory for the beautiful party dress you bought for this Christmas.



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