Zodiac signs nail art

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Beautiful nail art can turn your nails into the best accessory for every outfit in your wardrobe. With the right care, your nails will always be trendy, no matter their shape or length. Need some nail art inspiration? In this article we have decided to show you zodiac signs nail art.

aries nail art

If you zodiac sign is Aries, we would suggest to choose red as the main color for your Aries nail art. This color is active, daring, passionate and optimistic. Wearing red will enhance alertness and encourage activity. You can also choose pink, since this color is a milder and more affectionate shade of red.

taurus nail art

If your astrological sign is Taurus, you should choose green as the main color for your zodiac signs nail art. Green is healing and sympathetic. It represents loyalty and restrained emotions, typical Taurean traits. The green color will reduce the stress and the restless motion.

gemini nail art

The Gemini’s astrological color is yellow. This is a cheerful color, which has the power to reduce depression. It’s ideal for mending broken hearts, since it can produce a feeling of detachment. Yellow can work surprising magic on your mood.

cancer nail art

The best color for Cancer nail art is silver. Silver is the color of nobility, changing temperament and personal transformation. When a Cancer person chooses silver for their nail art, this will help them fully express their spiritual energy and presence.

leo nail art

The Leo’s astrological color is gold. It symbolizes wealth and success. It is also a symbol of good health. Gold represents qualities like confidence, generosity and optimism. Choosing gold for nail art will help the Leo experience increased personal power, promote relaxation, foster courage and willpower.

virgo nail art

Blue is the perfect color for you, if your zodiac sign is Virgo. Blue is idealistic, rational, honest and tranquil. Blue is a universal color with calming effect. Choosing this color for nail art will help you pass time more quickly and sleep better.

libra nail art

If you are Libra, you should choose light blue color for your nail art. Light blue is often misunderstood as pale and weak. However, it is among the most spiritual of colors, representing cloudless sky. It has a soothing quality and can lift the hopes and spirits of those who wear it.

scorpio nail art

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, you can choose between two colors for nail art – burgundy and black. Burgundy, just like the Scorpio, is grand, idealistic and sensitive, but may sometimes lack self-knowledge and maturity. And black is not really a color, but the absence of color. It can be positive and negative at the same time. It often represents the darker, more animalistic side of the human mind and heart. It can also make other colors appear brighter, which is a positive and supportive quality.

sagittarius nail art

Sagittarius’ astrological color is purple. It is a royal color, associated with nobility. Purple is also a mysterious color, associated with spirituality. Purple nail art can boost your imagination and creativity.

capricorn nail art

For a Capricorn, the most appropriate color for nail art is brown. It is a warm, natural and neutral color. It represents wholesomeness and earthiness. Just like the sign of Capricorn, brown is known as being practical, stubborn and conscientious. It also represents simplicity, friendliness and health. These qualities are essential to a happy life.

aquarius nail art

For the Aquarius, the perfect color for nail art is violet. It is a mysterious color, associated with nobility and spirituality. The violet color has a special, almost sacred place in nature.

pisces nail art

If your zodiac sign is Pisces, you should choose turquoise color for nail art. It combines the calming effects of green and blue. Turquoise has a sweet, feminine feel and a sophisticated side. This color can help you enhance your self-confidence.

When you choose the color for you zodiac signs nail art, you may follow the advice of the astrologers to achieve a certain effect. However, it is best to choose colors according to your personal style, the outfits you wear the most and your skin tone.



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