Women’s jeans with floral patterns for the spring and summer

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For the spring and summer of 2014, the floral patterns are in trend. You can see floral patterns on tops, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses and shoes. In fact, for the upcoming spring / summer 2014 season, floral patterns are trendy even in men’s clothing. However, in this post, we are going to discuss women’s jeans with floral patterns.

floral jeans

These women’s jeans with floral patterns look incredibly feminine. They are perfect for the spring and summer of 2014. They will look great in combination with wedges, plain white sneakers, sandals or flip flops. For these women’s jeans, choose a simple top in solid color, a statement necklace and a shoulder purse. The floral patterns look really cute, and the material is soft and fits perfect. Add a pair of these beautiful women’s jeans to your wardrobe for the new season.

floral decoration

If you love the floral patterns, but want something different, you can choose these women’s jeans with embroidered flowers and crystal element on one leg. Embroidered jeans look more elegant and can be worn on a number of occasions. You can wear these women’s jeans with sandals with high heels. Choose a simple top and accessorize with a floral necklace, earrings or bracelets. Alternatively, you can get a handbag with similar floral patterns. The floral decoration adds a point of interest to these otherwise plain women’s jeans.


For a more edgy look, choose these skinny women’s jeans with dark wash and hand-painted floral patterns. They look very elegant and stylish. Combine the jeans with simple black top, black, studded leather sandals and accessorize with a leather bracelet with studs. These jeans will be the star of your fashion outfit. These women’s jeans are a great choice for the new spring / summer season of 2014.

If you’re a fan of the floral patterns, you should add a pair of women’s jeans with floral decoration. If you’re creative, you can get any pair of jeans you like and paint floral patterns of your choice on them.



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