Women and sandals 2014

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The topic “sandals” is an absolutely tempting one for women. Shoes, in general are what women love, but during the hot months of the summer, sandals are mostly on their minds. Women are inseparable from sandals, shoes and other beauty accessories. Manufacturers contribute to that by producing women’s items in very extensive designs, colors and materials.


Over the years, sandals have been the main footwear trend for women in the summer, and next year will be no exception. With almost every footwear designer releasing new designs of sandals, 2014 summer can be renamed “The sandal season”. Women’s sandal can be divided into so many types, based on design and model. You have the beach sandals, bridal, dress, flip-flops, sport and many others.


If you like the dress types, there is a variety of those. You will find the ankle strap, backless, glass, heel, sling-back, strapped. A complete collection of the different types of female sandals. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages. Only you can make a review of which one you like the most and which one you don’t want to wear again, based on their style, how comfortable they are and many other factors.


Dressing properly for a summer festival is key to enjoyment: The weather is hot so no jeans unless you’re going late evening. Cotton sun dresses and light-weight clothes are best. And flat or cushioned shoes or sandals comfortable for lots of walking and standing are a must. Sandals or flat shoes could be worn for any casual activity or occasion like hanging out, shopping, gathering with friends, etc.

Wearing flat shoes symbolizes that you love wearing new clothes constantly! You are also a person who is opposed to big changes.  The downside of sandals is that they do not protect your feet properly and are not really suitable for bad weather.



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