What type of belt is best for jeans

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Jeans are a pretty standard, casual attire. Wearing a belt with your jeans is optional, but it can be a cool accessory. In this article, we will show you how to choose the belt that looks best with your favorite pair of jeans.

Should the belt match the shirt or the shoes? Well, that depends. Skinny jeans look great tucked into leather boots. If you opt for this combination, it is best to choose a wide, leather belt. Just pick one that fits the belt loops of the jeans. The belt will look even better if it matches the color of the boots. A wide belt looks really impressive with low-cut jeans. It will accentuate your hips, making your waist look smaller.

wide leather belt

If you want to combine the belt with tennis shoes, you can opt for a skinny one. The fabric and the color are not that important for this combination. It can match the shoes, or tha handbag, or even some accessory in your hair. The tennis shoes will give you a more casual, sporty look. In this case the belt can be a totally different color from anything else in your outfit.

skinny colorful belt

It would also be helpful to consider where are you going to wear this outfit. The tipe of jeans and the accessories to go with them will depend on that. Jeans are a good choice for school, if your school doesn’t have special uniforms, or a casual Friday at work, if the dress code of your workplace allows it. A belt will give you a nice, neat look. If you don’t need something to hold your pants, a belt can be worn simply as a fashion accessory.

Pick a few different types of belts and try different combinations. More than one belt can look good with your jeans, depending on the other accessories, shirts or shoes you are going to wear.



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