Wardrobe essentials for fall – winter 2013

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There are a few wardrobe items for fall and winter, which you absolutely cannot go without. Some of these are classic, while others can become signature pieces. They are meant to keep you warm and stylish through these cold months.


The first must-have wardrobe item is the scarf. There are lots of different ways to style your wardrobe with a scarf. You can choose thick scarves, patterned scarves, uni-colored scarves and many, many more. We would suggest picking one scarf that looks great with every item in your wardrobe and one that will add an extra edge.


The next very important item for your wardrobe is a pair of winter boots. They will not just add style to your favorite winter outfits, they are absolutely essential. When it starts raining and snowing, you have no other options, but to choose to wear winter boots. See what styles of boots complement best your wardrobe and make sure you are prepared for the coming winter.


The coat is another item you must have in your wardrobe this winter. It will keep you warm and make a fashion statement, as well. Your winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a warm coat. You can choose some bright-colored coat to stand out in the crowd and feel cheery in the gloomy winter days.


Some days, you probably don’t feel like dressing up. For these cases, you must have at least one sweater in your winter wardrobe. You can just slip on a sweater and tie a scarf around your neck and you’re good to go. When you’re warm and cozy, it might help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the day. Sweaters are also great if you’re running late for work in the morning.


Your winter wardrobe will not be complete without tights. Now, you don’t need to feel restricted to the black tights anymore. For this winter, colorful and patterned tights are quite trendy. Wear tights with dresses, shirts or sweatshirts. On the coldest days you can wear tights under your jeans or trousers, to keep you warm.


Make sure you have a warm winter hat in your wardrobe for the winter. Hats are a cute and stylish way to keep your body heat in. Sometimes, when you don’t feel like styling your hair or you don’t have time for that, you can just put on your favorite winter hat. Choose hats according to the size of your head and the shape of your face. Your winter wardrobe really needs a few winter hats.


A pair of gloves is another must-have item for your wardrobe. They will keep you warm in the chilly days. You can have many pairs of gloves, for every occasion. There are gloves that will allow you access to your touch-screen device, too. You must take good care of your hands in the winter, since the cold air will dry your skin.


You may not think that dresses are necessary wardrobe items for the winter, but you’re wrong. There are some really beautiful, stylish winter dresses out there. For example, a dress would be the perfect outfit for the office. You will also need a dress for the upcoming holiday parties, not to mention if you are going on a date. Get some winter dresses to complete your wardrobe for this season.

leather jacket

It is also a good idea to have a leather jacket in your wardrobe. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, biker boots, a scarf and a beanie and your killer look will be complete. If wearing leather goes against you principles, you can get a jacket, made of high-quality artificial leather. It will be great for more casual days.

You are simply not ready for the winter, if you don’t have these items in your wardrobe. When you go out shopping, remember to choose the things that will work best for your personal style and needs. Feel free to share with us what are your favorite winter wardrobe items.



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