Victorian Era Dresses for Women

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In the era where shirts and jeans are everyday fare, it is difficult to imagine the intricacies of dressing the Victorian women.  Many factors figured into the voluminous layers, among them modesty, practicality, and cleanliness.  The Victorian Era was a period of time between 1830 until in the end of the 20th century. The main feature of the Victorian epoch was the fusion of the best of other styles. Victorian Era dress was full with ornament. Dresses on the Victoria Era were restrictived and elaborated on the bodies of women who wore them. The rise of the economy allowed to making more elaborated dress. The Victorian dress making was made cheaper and easier during the industrial boom of this time.

Victorian Era Dress

Victorian era dress for women began emphasizing the female form more and more. Though this was not as readily apparent on frontier women, it was corseted dresses worn in city, quite obvious on the lacy, and town areas. Corsets served to accentuate the curves of a woman while presenting a small waist. Patterns intended to highlight ladies’ waists were introduced such as low sharply pointed waistlines.

Victorian Era Wedding Dress

Victorian Era Dress Patterns

Victorian era dress fashion in England was created by Queen Victoria. She established very strict rules in mourning which can be clearly seen in texts and in movies. The women’s Victoria dress was elaborated. Their dresses can affect the way they walked, sat or even just moved her arms. Women wore a variety of colors for their stockings and dresses. Dresses and stockings undergarments were cut in a style to show off the figure in a modest way. After the invention of the sewing machine in 1851, the industry began to change.  The wealthy, however, continued to buy their dresses custom-made. At 1907, clothing was increasingly factory-made and often sold in large. Home sewing and custom sewing were still significant, but on the decline. New machinery and materials changed clothing in many ways.




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