Unforgettable fragrances for men from the 90s

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New fragrances are always worth sniffing out, but it’s also a good idea to have a few vintage bottles on hand. The scents may remind you of your dad’s old school clothes, but they work just as well with a shrunken suit.

Calvin Klein Ck One – Nothing represented 90s minimalism like ck one by Calvin Klein, a light, citrus-y, unisex scent that could not have been more different than a previous Calvin Klein success, the 80s-excess spicy explosion called Obsession.

CK one

Polo Sport for him – Launched in 1994, it was a man’s must-have when it comes to fragrances. It was the ideal scent for everyday wear, casual dates and formal events. It was also the perfect gift for men when you are out option, everyone liked it.

polo sport fragrance

Bvlgari Black – Launched in 1998, it provided a perfectly unisex, modern fragrance. Tea notes could be urban, musk could be tough and you could sell perfume in a hockey puck. Like Angel, Black can still shock you with a new facet after years of wear.

1998 men's fragrance

Acqua-di-Gio – This was a trendy men’s fragrance which had a bergamot and tangerine staple, that just about anyone could wear. You just couldn’t fail wearing the Acqua di Gio fragrance. It was the one every well dressed man should have in his arsenal.


Olden day fragrances for men were just as good as the contemporary ones we have now, the only difference is that we have more options to choose from. Selecting the right men’s fragrance is quite hard to do because there are a lot of them to pick from. Due to the fact that colognes, fragrances and perfumes are more appealing and wanted by girls, other individuals think that it is not easy for them to pick the right fragrance for boys.

If you can’t pick out the ideal fragrance when you go out shopping now, why not consider purchasing a vintage one that has been proved to be one of the best available.



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