Trendy winter hats

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Winter hats are an integral part of the outfit of each girl in the chilly winter days. In this article we will give you some tips which hats are trendy and which ones to choose. Don’t leave your home without a winter hat.

A well-chosen model will not only protect you from the cold, but will also complete your stylish look. A pretty hat may even replace a trendy hairstyle sometimes. Every girl should have at least several hats in her wardrobe for different occasions and outfits.

knitted berret

Lighter hats are perfect for those, who spend outside a minimum amount of time, like when you drive a car or use the subway. Fluffy, warmer hats are best if you are going to stay outside for longer. Choose the color, material and texture according to the rest of your outfit. It is a good idea to try and match your hat with the accessories you wear. They may not be the exact same color, but close enough. Match the color of the hat with your belt, boots, handbag or some decoration element on your coat. Depending on the design and material of your outwear, you may pick a hat with an unusual shape, interesting texture or a bright color. Alternatively, if your outfit is more flashy in itself, it would be better to choose a simple hat. There are lots of options for pretty hats for girls, so you should be able to find models that appeal to you.

fur hat

Keep in mind that the choice of hats also depends on the shape and size of your head, and your hairstyle. Of course, it is highly unlikely that any hat will preserve the shape of your gorgeous hairstyle, but may choose the material and shape of the hats, depending on whether your hair is electrified or quickly looses its volume. If your head is big, choose smaller hats, which won’t make it look even bigger. For smaller heads, colorful, fluffy, voluminous hats are a better option. When choosing hats, consider whether you want to draw the attention to the shape of your face and head or hide it. It is always best to try on different hats and see which ones look best on you.

knitted cap

This season, designers prefer knitted berets, warm caps, volume fur hats and hoods. Look at different models and, if possible, try the hats on to find the perfect hats, according to your favorite winter outfits.



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