Trendy Short Hairstyles for 2014

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Short hairstyles make you look younger, compared to long waves. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to style and can match any personality type. 2014 brings some amazing new short hairstyles, which will certainly dominate the fashion trends.

Bob hairstyles give you many opportunities to change your look. It doesn’t always have to look so perky, there are other options. With these short hairstyles, it’s all about movement, body and embracing what you’re comfortable with. If you want to look more conservative, wear your hair the same length all around. If you want an edgier look, you can try the graduated bob, which is shorter at the back and gets longer in front. To style your bob, apply a volumizing product to wet hair, concentrating on the scalp. Then, coat the rest of the hair with a styling spray, which protects for the heat and blow-dry it. To add body and fullness, use a round brush. To finish the hairstyle, use light-hold hairspray.


The crop is another one of the popular short hairstyles for 2014. It is suitable for women, who want to embrace a stronger, cutting-edge look. The key elements to having a great cropped cut are proportion and imperfection. Don’t go for a hairstyle, which is the same length all around. Instead, let one side fall a bit to give it a more untidy feel. You also need to make sure that your hair has lots of texture. The best way to style a cropped haircut is to tousle in various directions with your fingers. The edges need to look undone and not super straight. If you choose this hairstyle, keep in mind that grown-out hair color is more noticeable with short hairstyles, so you will need to use a color-enhancing shampoo to keep the color strong.


Shaggy short hairstyles are a great choice, because there are so many different variations. The modern shag is more blended and less choppy. Make sure you keep the layers on top and don’t let your hair get too long in the back. The most important things for this cut are volume and texture. Deep-condition your hair to keep it healthy and apply a reparative mask at least once a week. To style your shag, apply a volumizing product at the roots and blow-dry. Finish the hairstyle with light-hold spray at the ends.


If you like short hairstyles with a messy look choose a pixie. With this hairstyle, the back and the sides of your hair are cut short, and the top is longer. The best thing about the pixie is that is lets you express your beauty and reveals your facial features more. That’s why many celebrities choose this hairstyle. It seems to never go out of fashion, but this year, this hairstyle is really having a rise. It is perfect for any woman, who wands to be a trend-setter and a center of attention. The layers of the hairstyle will add lots of natural volume, which makes it a great choice for women with fine hair. Go for a tousled styling to get an edgier look.


Short hairstyles are pretty versatile and they can do miracles with your appearance. The best thing about them is that you can style short hair in many different ways to get a different look any time you want. Once you have your hair short, chances are you will never want to wear long hair again. If you need help choosing the right cut for you, take a few pictures of the hairstyles you like best and go to a hair stylist you know and trust. They should be able to help you decide.



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