Trendy hairstyles for women in their 30s

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A woman’s 30s is the time when your career takes off, dating gets more serious and you will probably start a family. You hair needs to keep up with this fast pace. Check out these wonderful hairstyles we have chosen for you.

pixie hairstyle

Short hairstyles are perfect for women, who are constantly on the move. They are not exactly the wash-and-go type, but they will reduce the drying time. Keep in mind that not all pixies are created equal. Ask your stylist what is suitable for the shape of your face. The goal of this kind of hairstyles is to look effortless without lots of styling. This is something that may boost your confidence, which is exactly what you need in your 30s.

bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyles are another option. Shorter in the back and slightly angled in front, bob hairstyles create volume and show off the natural texture of your hair. They are easy to style and look good on just about any face shape and hair texture. You can just blow-dry with a diffuser and curl a few pieces in the front to frame your face.

collarbone-length hairstyle

Collarbone-length cut hairstyles give you the option to wear your hair up or down, without it getting in the way. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, style it all one length, with blunt ends. If your face is oval or square, ask your stylist for a few face-framing layers to give it dimension and accentuate your cheekbones. Just spray a little volumizing spray and you are ready to go.

wavy, medium-length hairstyle

In your 30s, you don’t want your hair to look overdone. This can be achieved with wavy, medium-length cut hairstyles. They look great on any face shape and hair texture. Ask your stylist for layers that start at your chin, because they make waves look even more bouncy.

long layers with bangs

You may also try hairstyles with long layers and soft bangs. They tend to frame your best features. If your face is round, you can pull off straight-across hairstyles and others can go for a version that angles down at the corners. Easy to style, long, below-the-shoulder layers are a perfect compliment. Thus, your hair will look healthy and totally age appropriate.

Your 30s can be a weird, quite busy decade. Your daring 20s are behind you, but you are not quite ready to sit at home, in front of the TV set, with a mug of chamomile tea. You need to choose your hairstyles so that you can still have some fun, but you can’t get away with the experimental hairstyles you had in your 20s.



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