Trend: Night dress and T-shirt

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In fashion the opposite are combined in memorable outfits.

Combining clothes, that in the opinion of most people can not be combines with each other, is not a new trend. Over time, however, it had style of modern people who boldly go from the imposed dress code. Today we observe a change in attitude of such provocative visions. Street fashion irrevocably put its mark on all areas in the fashion industry and more and more girls and women boldly cross the established fashion rules.


Back in time with preppy style with preppy style


Elements of the so-called street style we see quite clearly and dresses for the red carpet. The last Cannes actress Amber Heard hit the red carpet in shiny evening skirt to the ground and a plain white T-shirt. This confirmed that formal fashion combination at the top of the fashion hit list for a season – simple casual top and a formal evening at the bottom.


Famous people have always had the courage to be different – it’s part of their image. Rihanna showed all parts of her body with ease and keep creed always be provocative and never predictable. Amber Heard is inspired by her outfit from fashion house Vionnet and wore one of the models of the brand’s revue for spring summer 2014.


Idea for combination t-shirt with dress is also the silhouette new look, that recently become favourite to many young girls. Very suitable for office vision, the combination new look with t-shirt is typical and for the casual street style. Towards common combination you can add a backpack with ease for modern city style.


For the first time suck combination like this tshirt and skirt of tulle demonstrated Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the city” and of course after this it turned in fashion mantra. The lace is also the material, that rule the season’s trends and is not surprisingly that is part of fashion combination with t-shirt.


The combination t-shirt with dress can underline your feminine image – volume lazy forms, naked shoulders and light materials of the upper part will help for that. From one side the feminine can be underlined with the help of stilettos, but if you decide to combine dress with trainers, you will create a whole different style.





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