Top Trends in Designer Clothing for Spring 2014

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The spring is already here and this means a new chance to update your wardrobe with some new designer clothing. We already saw the incredible items shown on the runways of the four big fashion capitals, which gave us plenty to look forward too. In this post, we have prepared to show you the top trends in designer clothing for spring 2014.

The trend of plastering words on pretty much everything continues to be in fashion for spring 2014 designer clothing. There are not so much slogans as statements, but more like random words, which shows that it’s not that important exactly what you say, as long as you say it out loud. This fashion trend definitely manages to generate interest. If this is your choice of designer clothing for the season, make sure you pick something really witty and interesting.


Another noticeable trend in designer clothing for this spring is the inverse buttoning. This is really simple – instead of leaving or two undone buttons at the top of your shirt, you button these up and leave the rest of your shirt wide open. If Alexander Wang, Rodarte and Diesel Black Gold did it, then it becomes a trend. You can do this with dresses as well. You can follow this trend even in colder days, simply layer your clothing.

inverse buttoning

Fringes take on a broad range of designer clothing styles in spring 2014. You can see fringe details on evening wear, casual clothes and various fashion accessories. It seems that this season, fringing and tassels found a new way to make a fashion statement. It works on pretty much every fabric. If you want to be really fashionable this season, it’s time to invest in some pieces with fringe details, if you haven’t done it already.


The spring season is here and the long wait is over. Visit the websites of your favorite brands and update your wardrobe with the latest designer clothing pieces. You can share with us your favorite fashion trends for spring 2014 in the comments section below.



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