Top 5 luxury perfume brands

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Here, we will present you the most expensive perfume brands.


Jean Patou, Joy – This is a classic fragrance – it was first presented in 1931 personally by Jean Patou. Its price is $799 and could be bought only from specialized perfumeries.

Chanel, No.5 – According to some data this products is sold every 30 seconds despite its high price – $1740. Most celebrities use it.



Jar Parfums, Bolt of Lightning – This is a unique fragrance that could be felt for a couple of days. It’s the best summer perfume and if you want to use it only on special occasions it’s worth the price – $756.

Clive Christian, Imperial Majesty – In 2011, Forbs magazine ranks it as the most expensive brand and the unique fragrance is a privilege to the selected few. In order to by this majestic perfume you will have to spend a “majestic” sum on it. It costs the incredible $215,000. There are only 10 phials of this unique perfume in the world.

most-expensive-perfume-imageJar-Parfums-Bolt-of-Lightning-fashionbeliefShalini Parfums, Shalini – A great fragrance that fits the age in which we all live right now. Shalini defines the contemporary lady as free and flamboyant. The perfume is sold in limited quantities for the price of $900.