The “price” of high heels

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It has been argued over and over again that high heels can severely damage your feet and legs. So, why are women ready to accept the pain? The truth is that high heels transform the way any woman looks. Her body posture changes, the signals a woman sends out change as well, her body is simply beaming with joy. Elegance and high heels walk hand in hand; it is therefore easily understandable why women put up with the uncomfortable feeling.

Now, the question of health issues that arise from the use of high heels is back. Recent researches with a modern 3D scanner have undoubtedly proven that legs suffer a lot, since the tension in the leg bones, especially in the toe bones is extremely high.





As a matter of fact, this is true not only for high heels, but for any shoes that feel uncomfortable for any reason. Take for example narrow shoes – they can cause as much pain in the legs as high heels. It is vital that we all understand one simple truth – our legs are bound to pay the price of our vanity, so we should sooner or later learn that health comes before good looks.



Still, if you insist on wearing high heel every day, keep in mind that all your body weight will fall on your heels, so it is a wise idea to change to flat-heel shoes every second day.