The Important of White Nail Polish

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If you love to collect nail polish you must have this white nail polish.  I think, white is a important color to have in any art or paint activity. White is a neutral color that could be used to the based, for the decoration, addition, or much more. White nail polish also such an important nail polish color to women who love do some nail art activities. And it caused of the white is a neutral color, then you could combine it with any color do you want. I always happy to do that: having a combination color from or with white.

White Nail Polish Designs

I ever discussed before, about pink and white nails art. That is such a sweet and cute kind of nail art. I also ever discussed about zebra print nails that combine, usually black and white nail polish as a main nail polish, etc. The conclusion is white nail polish is a must have nail polish color if you want have some nail art design. Every design could be mixed, blend, and combination with white nail polish. Even, with just with white nail polish and top coat as a French nails, you could get your nails looke elegant, simple, but beautiful.

White Nail Polish 2012

White Nail Polish On Toes

There are some of brand of popular white nail polish, among other: Chanel, Essie, Sally Hansen, OPI ‘s Alpine Snow, Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, Nail Lacquer in French White, White On White by China Glaze, etc. I think that white nail polish is always would be great on anyone nails depends on the brand and whether the nail polish is shinny or not. You also could use it to make the nail art have an accent and get their touch. Some nail art salon think that white nail polish is important to always there to help them make a beautiful nail art.