The Extremely Expensive Beyonce Wedding Ring

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Beyoncé Gissele Knowles or also known as Beyonce is an American singer, song writer, dancer, and an actress. Beyonce was born in Texas, Spetember 4, 1981. Beyonce is a multitalent woman that is popular not only in America, but also in the world. Her talent is cannot be doubt anymore. We could see it from her creation and performances. Beautiful, sexy, talented, and popular, she is such a perfect woman in the world. And she always makes any women in the world envy. Especially, when she gets married with Jay Z in New York City in April 22, 2008, and have extremely expensive and big diamond Beyonce wedding ring.

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Beyonce wedding ring maybe is the most expensive wedding ring in the world. Just like Jay Z know exactly what Beyonce want for her wedding rings. She gets a big diamond ring like a half of her ring finger. And for her extravagant lifestyle, that diamond engage and wedding ring such incredible luxurious rings ever. You could imagine how expensive that is. For the engagement ring, Beyonce gets a ring at the price of $5 million. If you curious about her wedding ring, you could browsing or search on the internet how exactly the appearance of her wedding ring. Maybe that is the biggest cushion of diamond that I ever seen. I do not know, maybe another celebrities also have the bigger wedding ring.

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Beyonce wedding ring  is such a wedding ring that could be a trend among the socialite or celebrities. I know exactly that the price is extremely expensive, not just anyone who could buy it and have it. Maybe Jay Z ordered it special for her wife in the popular wedding ring designer. I cannot imagine I must be work for how long to could buy one of the wedding ring like that.