The Attractive Style of Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is a beautiful Hollywood actress who had starred in the movie along with advertising. Selena Gomez or was familiarly called Cells or Selly now is a girlfriend of the talented young singer Justin Bieber. Selena Gomes was born in New York City, July, 22th 1992. She then moved to Grand Praire in Texas where she lived until she was 13tahun. Selena is an actress and singer. He started his career by playing the role of Gianna in Disney’s show Barney & Friends at age 12, where she met her best friend Demi Lovato called. For the teenager beautiful star, Selena Gomes has an attractive style. Selena Gomez’s styles are also followed by some teenager girls in various.

Selena Gomez Clothes

For the daily activities, Selena Gomez’s styles are sporty but still look catchy. Selena Gomez has a special personal style. She often wears jeans with t-shirt and cardigan, leather long pants, sweater, sun glasses, and sometimes with boots or flat shoes. Simply style but still look chick. For some reason, Selena Gomez’s style is just ordinary cute style without full of make ups. But for the night special occasion, Selena Gomez is looks more beautiful with perfect dresses. Nevertheless, her make ups are still soft and good looking.

Selena Gomez Clothes

Selena Gomez’s style is always a cute teenager style. No wonder if many teenager in the world following her style. Beautiful face, beautiful body, and beautiful hair is worthless when women cannot bring their own style into attractiveness. So, if you are big fans of Selena, just make sure that you have followed her good style or make your own style as cool as Selena’s style. Do not be wary for make an experiment for your appearance. Because some experiment can make you found such a great style.