The Amazing of Marquise Diamond Ring

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For me, diamond ring is always being the best ring model ever. Maybe I have exaggerated words. But honestly, I always fell like that. Diamond rings are such a amazing and luxurious ring for women. There are lots of kinds of diamond rings, one of them is marquise diamond ring. Do ever heard about that kind of ring? If yes, you can read this article or search in internet. How the shape and beautiful that ring it is.  How do the diamond rings make the sparkle, and all people who saw it feel wonder and amazed.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise diamond ring, if you have searched in internet, is some kind of diamond ring that have oval cushion that tapering in the edges. The cushion is shaped like spearhead. It makes the ring look elegant and beautiful with that shape. You not the every detail of the diamond ring, it really looks wonderful. More complex the design and more the counts of the diamonds, the price will more expensive. Just imagine, ordinary diamond ring is expensive already. How about the design is more complex and the diamond is more counts. Maybe I have to sell a house to buy it. Just kidding!

Tiffany Marquise Diamond Ring

Marquise Wedding Ring

But for you who say, ”No problem with the price”, you should have this amazing marquise diamond ring for your jewelry collection. Because, this kind of diamond ring is really worth it, they also have wonderful design. I have no idea anymore how great of this ring until I worn it by self. Maybe if I have million dollars, I want to buy the most beautiful design of diamond ring. Then I will worn it and see it all the time. I will not let any things make may my diamond ring take off of my finger. Because I will always loving it so much. :p