Spring 2014 Hair Design Ideas for Men

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Modern hairstyles and hair design for men are really versatile. You need to find a hair design to match the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and your personality. In this post, we will discuss what hair design is suitable for men with large foreheads.

Your hair design should be chose carefully to hide your imperfections and show off your best features. If your forehead is too large and you want to cover it, your best options are bangs. They will help you create a more proportionate face shape. Bangs can look great with formal office attire or with casual outfits for the weekends. They are by no means restricting. The worst thing about bangs is that you’ll have to forget about really short, buzz-cut hairstyles and go for more medium length instead. That is unless, of course, you don’t want to try a pretty eccentric hair design.


Of course, there is an option to keep your hair shorter and leave longer bang. This will not only cover your large forehead, but will also give you many different styling options. You can look great with a side-swept bang or a tousled hair design. To add an even more modern touch to your hairstyle, you can go for choppy layered bangs or razored-style bangs. This hair design is appropriate for both casual and more formal occasions, since it allows you to style your hair accordingly. Consult your hair stylist at the salon about your options.

short hair with bangs

If you’re willing to experiment with your hairstyle, you can grow it out a bit, until it reaches somewhat medium length. Then you have the option to layer it. This will help you hide your large forehead and frame your face nicely. Your styling options are numerous. If you’re looking for a more polished and neat look, try out some side-swept hairstyles. In this case your hair design might turn out to be the perfect complement to office and formal outfits. If you want to achieve an edgier look, then you can use a little styling gel and tousle the hair with your fingers.

side swept bangs

If you see any imperfections in your head or face shape, don’t despair. Modern hair design and hairstyles leave you many options to hide these and highlight your good sides. Check out some photos of trendy hairstyles for men online and consult your stylist to find what will work best for your hair type and face shape.



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